Dan Harrington – Poker Books

Dan Harrington is a great poker theorist and his books are essential reading for any serious player in today’s game.

He has published a total of six books covering tournament poker, full ring cash games and 6 max online cash games.

Harrington on Hold’em: Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments

This series is widely considered to be the best No Limit Hold’em tournament poker work ever published and is essential reading for all tournament players.

This series was written and published after Dan made back-to-back World Series of Poker Main Event final tables through incredibly large fields in 2003 and 2004.

It consists of three separate books:

Volume 1: Strategic Play

Strategic Play covers the early stages of tournament play and the general No Limit Hold’em concepts that are essential for playing winning poker.

Main topics include:

  • Playing Styles and Starting Requirements
  • Reading the Table
  • Pot Odds and Hand Analysis
  • Betting Before the Flop
  • Betting After the Flop
  • Betting on Fourth and Fifth Street

Volume 2: The Endgame

Harrington on Hold ’em – Vol. 2 – The Endgame

The Endgame covers the later stages of tournament poker when the blinds are large and start to become a major consideration in the game.  It also discusses final table strategies that are needed to win the tournament.

Main topics include:

  • Making Moves
  • Inflection Points
  • Multiple Inflection Points
  • Short Tables
  • Heads-Up Play

Volume 3: The Workbook

The Workbook covers a lot of tough situations and real tournament hands to help players practice what they have learnt in the previous two books.

The analysis includes many big hands played by poker’s best players in real life situations including Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Greg Raymer and many more.

The Workbook has quizzes and the answers to help you think the problem through yourself before being told what the best decision is in the situation at hand.

Main topics include:

  • Evaluating Your Play
  • Playing After the Flop
  • Playing the Bubble

Harrington on Cash Games

Harrington on Cash Games teaches tournament players how to play full ring No Limit Hold’em deep stacked cash games.

The series is very useful for tournament players making the transition into the cash game scene and for all cash games players.

Volume 1

The first volume of this series is best suited for players who are new to No Limit Hold’em cash games and those who play small stakes online and are looking to improve their game in order to move up.  Tournament players who are making the transition to ring games will also gain from this book.

The volume highlights cash play using Dan’s tight, aggressive strategy and is aimed at plugging many of the biggest leaks that small stakes players have in their game.  This book covers pre-flop and flop play as well as many of the concepts that are the foundation of No Limit Hold’em cash games.

Important concepts include:

  • The Strength Principle
  • The Aggression Principle
  • The Betting Principle
  • The Deception Principle

Volume 2

This volume continues where the 1st left off and covers tougher No Limit Hold’em topics that include turn and river play.  It also teaches players about playing a loose aggressive style and how to counter loose players.

Important topics covered:

  • Turn and River Play
  • Playing Loose, Aggressive Poker
  • Beating Weak Games
  • Bankroll Management

Harrington on Online Cash Games: 6 Max No Limit Hold’em

This is essential reading for all small stakes online players and any player who wants to begin playing online.  It is the most complete resource for covering everything you need to know about online play from information on poker sites, using database programs and applying poker strategy to the numbers.

Important topics include:

  • Online Database Programs and Using Heads-Up Displays (HUDs)
  • Multi-Tabling
  • Selecting Online Poker Sites
  • Rakeback and Bonuses
  • In-Depth 6 Max Poker Strategy

Dan Harrington Book Summary

Dan Harrington is well respected as a poker author and theorist.

His greatest contribution to poker theory has been his work in Harrington on Hold’em which is a must read for every tournament player.

His latest release covering Online Cash Games is one of the most complete books ever written on the topic of online poker and introduces players to all the tips and tricks needed online such as database use and rakeback.  This book is also a goldmine for poker theory and will have readers crushing the small stakes games in no time.

Readers are guaranteed to earn the cost of these poker books many times over using the valuable advice and tips within the pages.